Asar seeks to address the big environmental and social challenges facing India. We build collaborative momentum for change.

We are especially focussed on the air quality crisis and the climate challenge. We endeavour to create catalysing and innovative pathways to make the transition to clean air and sustainable energy in India a reality.

Asar works on social and environmental issues by conducting research, ground truthing, and understanding local contexts in order to build innovative strategies that are rooted in reality.

We convene conversations and help build relationships between various stakeholders to be able to sustain collaborations essential to catalyse momentum and result in change

What we do

We provide strategic advice, incisive and informed analysis, and planning and evaluation support for funders, not-for-profit and for-profit organisations to help them have a greater impact in the social and environmental sector. We also play an active role in convening and co-ordinating multiple stakeholders to create collaborative spaces for transformative change.

What We Offer


We at Asar think that data and analytics should form the basis of debate and informed decision-making. Lack of data not only skews perceptions of an issue, but also leaves stakeholders without necessary information. We have seen that research and sound data results in actionable change. We stress on asking the right questions relevant to the context, and ensuring that the findings reach the right audiences.

Strategy Development

As a backbone organisation, we are ideally placed to help organisations develop goal- oriented, effective strategies for change on any issue. We believe that to make transformative change possible, we must map, research, and thoroughly understand the context. With no campaigning or funding interests, we can do this objectively. This helps us develop innovative pathways and logical theories of change that can lead to impactful campaigns.

Facilitating Collaboration

Many of the complex challenges before us today demand collective action. All stakeholders need to be aware of the problem, find solutions together, align on them, and ensure solutions are implemented. For the impact of the actions to be greater than the sum of their parts, stakeholders need facilitated collaborative spaces to work together. We at Asar have a strong track record at this: we have demonstrated our ability to build new networks and leverage existing ones, to catalyse collaboration, and to create collective momentum for change. One of our ongoing successes is our convening role in a collective of groups working on clean air.

Convening and Capacity Building

We understand that each group of stakeholders needs a customised convening. We are well-equipped to design and facilitate fit-for-purpose convenings. We have the experience and capacity to create formats packed with interactive opportunities for discussion. We can guide convenings of all sizes towards constructive solutions. We also provide training and capacity building for organisations and teams in campaigning, public engagement, and strategic communications.

Public Engagement and Outreach

Public engagement and citizen outreach is the heart of creating change. Organisations want to reach people online and offline, to raise awareness on the issue, and to empower people to take action and be part of the solution. In this attempt, organisations often spend large amounts of resources on conception and planning. We make this easier: our team has decades of experience in communicating complex issues in simple and accessible ways. Not only this, we can help organisations turn their ideas into concrete, time-bound project plans.

Communications Strategy Development

We understand how integral a communications strategy is to campaign success. Our team brings together experienced media and communications professionals with social sector veterans. We can help organisations analyse issues from a communications perspective and develop communications strategies to build the desired media and public narratives. We can help set communication goals, identify target audiences, and create content with the right messages.

Our Team

We are researchers, analysts, strategists, mobilisers, and communicators. Together, we have more than one hundred years of experience working on environmental sustainability and social justice.
We bring specialists and generalists together because we believe that collaboration creates the best outcomes.

Vinuta Gopal


Brikesh Singh

Chief Operations Officer

Arundhati Muthu

Senior Researcher

Natasha Chandy

Communications Specialist

Abhishek Pratap

Senior Researcher

Priya Pillai

Senior Researcher

Shivani Yerdoor

Operations Manager

Rachel Pearlin

Senior Researcher

Harshit Sharma


Medha Kapoor


Ishani Sachdeva


Sri Raksha

Accounts Officer

Sanam Sutirath Wazir

Network and Engagement Specialist

Meera Srihari

Finance Accounts

Virat Singh

Communications Strategist

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