Asar seeks to address the big environmental and social challenges facing India. We build collaborative momentum for change.

We are especially focussed on the air quality crisis and the climate challenge. We endeavour to create catalysing and innovative pathways to make the transition to clean air and sustainable energy in India a reality.

Asar works on social and environmental issues by conducting research, ground truthing, and understanding local contexts in order to build innovative strategies that are rooted in reality.

We convene conversations and help build relationships between various stakeholders to be able to sustain collaborations essential to catalyse momentum and result in change

What we do

We provide strategic advice, incisive and informed analysis, and planning and evaluation support for funders, not-for-profit and for-profit organisations to help them have a greater impact in the social and environmental sector. We also play an active role in convening and co-ordinating multiple stakeholders to create collaborative spaces for transformative change.

What We Offer

Strategy Development

Asar is uniquely positioned to provide and facilitate development of change strategies that is goal oriented and impactful. Asar believes that transformative change is only possible when the landscape and context in which the change is sought is clearly mapped, researched and well understood to develop innovative pathways and logical theories of change. The team in Asar has many years of experience in designing these campaign and communication processes and strategies.


We believe that data and analytics should form the basis for debate and informed decision making. Often narratives are skewed because of significant data gaps or lack of communication and narratives built to ensure information is available to key stakeholders. Asar believes in linking research to actionable change. This means asking the right questions relevant to the context and ensuring that the findings reach the right audiences.

Convening and Coordination

The challenges facing us today can only be resolved if we work as a collective to raise awareness on the issues and find, create alignment on the solutions and ensure that they are implemented. In order for the sum of actions to be much greater than their parts, it becomes essential to facilitate a collaborative space for various stakeholders to work together. This is a role that Asar is able to play as we have the ability to build new networks and provide the support required to catalyse collaboration and collective momentum for change. We currently play a convening role to support groups working for clean air in the region.


Asar has the capacity to design and facilitate program planning and strategy development. We also provide training and capacity building for organisations and teams in campaigning, Public engagement and strategic communications.

Public Engagement and Outreach

Public engagement and citizen outreach is at the heart of making change. Organisations are constantly trying to find ways of engaging people on issues to create awareness and empower action. This often takes up many man-days of conception and planning when you want to take your issue to people using multiple online & offline platforms. Our team in Asar have decades of experience in not only conceiving ideas that simplify complex issues but also turn them into a time bound project plans.

Our Team

We are a team of researchers, political analysts, communication specialists, strategists, mobilisers and generalists. Most importantly collaborators and team players. We collectively have more than a 100 years of experience working on issues of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Vinuta Gopal


Brikesh Singh

Chief Operations Officer

Arundhati Muthu

Senior Researcher

Natasha Chandy

Communications Specialist

Abhishek Pratap

Senior Researcher

Priya Pillai

Senior Researcher

Shivani Yerdoor

Operations Manager

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